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Please do let us know of your intention for these logs, they are purchased for various weird, wacky and wonderful creations.  

Q:  Can you do logs longer than 25cm?
A:  Currently we process all decorative logs to 25cm in length when they are kiln dried.  Each end is rough sawn and both ends sear in the kiln.  We then have the opportunity to run them through the bandsaw to your perfect length and finish.
You can have both ends fine sawn which would lose around 5cm from both ends, leaving you with a 20cm log which will sit on its end, either end.
We can take one edge off which will lose only a couple of centimeters from one end giving you a 22/23cm log with one fine sawn end for display purposes when laying length ways.  Ideal for fireplaces, holes in walls aching to be filled.
Q:  In some of the pictures the round logs look dark and in others light. I understand that colours can vary but I'm specifically looking to get as close as possible to match a dark oak wood beam above the display. Is it possible to get the darker looking logs?
A:  We can pick out the darkest from the stock we have which is all silver birch.  They are all varying shades of beige whilst at under 20% moisture content but will dry down further in-situ to a silvery grey colour.  
Q:  I’m looking for very pale ....almost white washed logs
A:  These silver birch logs are a light beige colour dried to under 20% moisture content. They will dry down further in situ and will age to a silver colour over time.